Distance Reiki Sessions + Testimonial ♥︎

My friend and client, R.B., wrote this beautiful testimonial after receiving a couple of distance Reiki treatments from me back in April. I feel so touched by her words and incredibly grateful to work with her and everybody else I have the privilege of sitting with. Her testimonial is shared below, and I also wanted to share a bit with y'all about the Reiki distance sessions I offer.

For these sessions, I check in with my client prior to our scheduled time via phone or email to get a feel for what's happening in their lives and what they want to focus on in the session. We schedule the distance session for a specific time, and I ask them to lay down somewhere comfortable to receive Reiki. At the scheduled time, I begin sending Reiki to my client, using distance sending techniques I've studied. Receiving distance Reiki can make you feel very sleepy or relaxed, some people may just drift off to sleep during the session. Other folks may not feel anything, and that's ok too. 

The distance sessions I give are similar to the in-person sessions I give -- in addition to sending the Reiki energy and working on specific parts of the body, I also receive intuitive information about the issues the recipient is working with. The distance send usually lasts for about 30 minutes. Which is interesting, because although this is shorter than a session I do in-person, it has the same power and potency. Distance sessions work very quickly, with the information flowing in with speed and clarity.

After the session is over, I compose an email to my client which details the information I received during the session, as well as affirmations and sometimes suggestions for incorporating healing and self-care practices into their daily life. It's a really cool way to experience healing work, and I love being able to offer this because it allows me to work with clients that are not in the same city as I am. It's also just nice to be able to experience a session in your own home! If you are interested in booking one or have more questions, please reach out to me :)

Here is R.B.'s experience of working with me to receive distance healing:

I've never had an easier time writing a testimonial!

As someone who has had extensive energy work with a handful of different practitioners over the course of my adulthood, I consider myself to be experienced and informed as a recipient of various methods of energy healing. With this established I am so very thrilled to have found Liz as a healer. Her method is more than intuitive, it is part of who she is and comes to her so naturally and powerfully, which I can only say as someone who has the most successful healing of my history in her hands. You can feel her clear strength when she works with you.

Her method of communicating to you, as one of her clients, is direct and well-articulated but also LOVING. The love she has for her healing, for those she heals, is always evident and part of why she is so successful. She tells me what she encounters in my field with language that is simple but that resonates deeply. No mystery, no coldness. So much information and so much warmth carries the information she gives you.

I think it is important that, even while holding the necessary boundaries that are expected of a healer, the healer is strong and involved enough to translate your energetic information with a involved and compassionate voice. Liz has mastered this practice and I can truly say with no hesitation that this is why her healing method has been the most successful for me.” 

Again, I feel so honored and grateful to be able to do this work and to share this special space with others. Thank you for reading. 

With love,