MLK Day Reflections

MLK day reflections for my dear community:

We all have something to offer.

Today, I'm thinking about how important internal reflection and meditation are in identifying what that offering is.

In addition to listening intently to the voices of those around us who are marginalized and impacted by oppression, which feels especially important for me and my other white counterparts to do, it feels equally important to listen inward to feel what my gift and contribution can be.

To let the words and stories of others pierce, to feel my own feelings around them, and to ask myself how I want to show up. And to let part of that answer come from inside.

I'm not talking about shirking responsibility here, since there are urgent asks and helpful suggestions from marginalized communities that we need to listen to. This is especially important for those of us with a lot of privilege, because we have to open ourselves up to the experiences of others to see our blind spots and the gaps in our own perspective.

But in addition to that, I'm talking about about creating some quiet time to process the intensity of the voices and the stories that we hear. Reflecting on the emotions that come up, instead of reactively taking actions that aren't fully clear.

And then asking ourselves how we can contribute, what our unique gift is that we can offer. It could be a special skill, talent, time, money, a passion. It can come from the core of who we are as unique individuals.

As all of us have unique offerings to the world, I believe that our offerings toward justice are unique, too. And needed.

Sending love to all of you today .3 <3 May we all find our paths to justice, as individuals and as a collective.