Samhain Blessings!

happy samhain, dear hearts.

last night, to celebrate this holiday, i got to participate in a sweet ceremony with some friends at the park. We called in the directions, and when we faced the north, I felt a parade of ancestors and spirits, clanging bells and wearing bright clothing and getting ready to p a r t y! 
Here's the message I heard and felt from them:

It is time to feast, not on heaviness and sadness, but on joy and embodiment. You are so focused on cultivating perfection in your lives that you have become out of step with the pace of the world. The ride of this life is wild and there’s little you can control. Being in a body is strange, wonderful, temporary, and a gift. Enjoy it while you have it! Enjoy and revel in the messy-ness and temporality. You don’t have control and it is OK.

I'm trying to take this into my life today. Not focusing on making everything perfect. Enjoying what it feels like to have a body, to feel pleasure, and listening to my ancestors tell me about the fleeting-ness of life and of the experience we are having here.

Love to you all, and Happy Samhain! xoxoxo