they are the same.

there's no distinction to us.


whoever you are, you have the right to rest here. feel how you are held in love in your perfection/imperfection.

see how the sun kisses your shoulders, independent of whether today you were a warrior or a poet; sick or violent. you are in the paradigm of judgement so must learn that the sun, the forest, ocean the flowers the soil are here to love you into wholeness, regardless of anything else.

guess what: you are all children running around on this earth, playing the game of remembering how to be.

in this age of forgetting, let us show you the lesson of unconditional love. our arms are open. climb in. receive the wind on your face, hugs of sunlight on your skin, the love of your parent —  the ones that you came from, the ones who remember you. you are us. these arms are open to you each of you.

the magnamaity of love cleanses and makes space for ALL. you cannot understand oneness in your mind. you can only experience it with your being. you are a complete circle, you are all part of consciousness. learning itself, consciousness breaking its own heart. splitting apart, coming back together.

the earth is a wound. sometimes she splits open, spits out with force and anger. you can worship that rawness, but don’t forget that you also have capacity to step back and say:

i am learning how to experience myself. the earth is learning to experience herself. all of us. are learning. on a global scale, on a personal scale.

DO NOT TORTURE yourself for learning. ever. come to me. lay your head down, with the mother of all. there is no child i do not know, no creature too big too grown too disconnected, for these arms. come to me. lay your head. let me sing to you these sweet reminders 


where you came from and

why you are here.

and after i’ve held you, after i’ve kissed your face with sun and salt and green and boughs and you remember your youth, your learning, your process of remembering, your eternal perfection and imperfection, you can go out and remind everyone else. come here first. we have a lot of holding to do.

**** Channeled on Tuesday, 6/5, by me.

If you are new to following me, Transmission Tuesday is a series in which I check in with spirit guide energies every week and ask them what needs to come through me for collective healing. I listen and then report back to you! In my 1:1 work, I do a lot of channeling. If you are curious about what it's like to get messages that are channeled just for you, you can book an appointment with me by using the button at the bottom of this page.