healing our sexual relationships with ourselves


today, i feel such fucking joy and spirituality around my sexuality. in my sexual relationship with myself, with the EARTH (hell yeah #ecosexual), and with my sexual partners. i feel a freedom that has come from deprogramming so much of the bullshit that got into my heart and body around this important and vital relationship. and i support YOU, whoever you are, on your journey toward your own sexual freedom.

healing my sexual relationship with myself has meant me bringing my sexuality away from a place of rebellion — which is where i had to be in order to have a sexuality at all, for a while -- into a place of integration with my full self.

a lot of this work was examining the beliefs i had around my sexuality that suggested it was wrong, that i couldn’t be a sexual person and a spiritual or good person at the same time. 

it’s been a process of acknowledging what i internalized from our society, culture, my family + religious upbringing, and my own traumas / experiences. of naming those beliefs, actively refuting and releasing the crap that was NOT true or real, and creating beliefs i actively chose, and cultivating those.

Jeevan Singh and I are leading a class called Sacred Sexual Contracts. As a group, we’ll practice noticing what our beliefs are around how we’re allowed to show up in this world as sexual beings, and deciding what of that is actually true and what we wanna change, and doing trauma-informed body exploration, magical work, and collective ritual to release and create.  

Our class runs from May 20 - June 28 — 6 weeks in SE PDX on Monday nights. If this work speaks to you, please join us! please reach out to me to learn more about this class if you have any questions, or if you need to discuss payment that’s beyond the couple of options that are offered. All class details + registration links are here.

Also, big thanks to Indira at Tender Heart Productions for this amazing snap of me!