water the seed of your goodness (pt 2)


and so when you doubt your own goodness, you say ‘human nature is evil, how can i be good?’ then, you do not water the seed of the truth of you. in fact, you withhold your resources from reaching that seed that is inside your belly button.

you say, i don’t know if i should go and water there. i don’t know if I can be trusted.

and then what happens is the scraggly, gnarled branches of your most inner needs come out sideways,

poking through your intestines,

saying ‘i need, i need!’

then your head, which may have also brought your heart on board, says ‘no! we cannot trust that voice! it is the one that is selfish. we cannot listen!’

but really, this voice is the child of you, which is the most intelligent part.

the part with the most pure need, the need that can be trusted the most. as it is not influenced by the tides of all of the others.

so your task, in these moments, is two-fold, and is simple.

listen to the most inner need of you. the most small, young part. with love, with intent, with non-judgement, with compassion.

and then the second part of the task is to trust.

to trust that the seed is good. you are a good seed, a golden seed of light. there are no bad seeds. inside of you, the god consciousness that is currently expressed inside your being and is always awaiting further unfurlment and expression with no end — this part, this part is good. and when you listen to it, you will always be led to your healing.

so listen to your good, child-self inside of you.