Reiki Level 1 - Saturday June 8th, 11am - 6pm

Reiki Level 1 is a tool for radical self care. It is a tool for everyone, whether you are in a healing profession or want to use it to deepen your own personal healing.

This class will teach you to:

  • Feel into the energy of your own body and being::  Supports you in becoming familiar with your own energy for sweet and strong boundaries.

  • Create sacred and healing space for yourself::  hold space for your own self-healing and use reiki to ease stress, worry, physical and emotional pain, and heal past wounds.

  • Connect with your psychic senses::  deepening and opening of psychic senses occurs for many when they receive the Reiki 1 attumenent, and we will build a strong and supportive container to support this if it occurs.

  • Transmit healing energies to other people:: explore giving Reiki to others, feeling into their energetic fields, and sharing this sweet, simple and powerful healing tool with people who are close to you.

In this class, participants will learn to use Reiki for their own self-healing and as a meditation tool, and we'll also begin to play with giving Reiki to one another. We'll learn about the history of this Japanese tool and spend some time with its ancestors and originators. This is a calming day of healing and study, and anyone is welcome to join — there is no prior experience necessary.

I love teaching Reiki because it is a gateway into energy work and energy awareness. It is really the foundation of so much of my 1:1 work, even though I rarely use only reiki in a session. I fully believe in its ability to open magical doors for people and think it’s such a beautiful, gentle and accessible tool to have in your healing walk, wherever you’re headed. Here’s a bit more on why I teach Reiki and what it has done for me.

Date: Saturday June 8th

Time: 11am - 6pm

Location: NW Center For Structural Integration, 4160 SE Division Street, Portland

Accessibility + accommodations: This facility is on the 2nd floor of the building and I am so sorry to report that there is no elevator access at this time. Please DM me if this is a barrier for you and we will do our best to find a solution. Seating is available on the floor, in chairs, at the wall, and on stools. If you require any other accommodations to attend, please let me know!

Cost: $180, with sliding scale available from $120, please see below for details! Payment plans are also available for all who need them, please email me to ask.

Contact: with questions

Cancellation policy: class payment is refundable for up to 1 week prior to class but a $20 admin fee will be retained. For cancellations within 1 week, a 50% refund will be given. For cancellations the day prior and the day-of the class, the full class fee will be retained. This policy is open to discussion in case of extenuating circumstances, please let me know if you have questions. 

Sliding Scale

It is important to me for this class to be accessible. The full cost of the class is $180 and sliding scale is offered starting at $120. To consider when thinking about where you fall on the scale: if you are gainfully employed and able to meet your expenses each month with funds left over for healing work, travel, etc, then you'd pay at the higher end of the scale. If affording healing work comes out of your budget that's normally reserved for groceries or rent, you pay on the lower end.

To register with sliding scale, please click the link above registration link, click on the “redeem coupon” button on the sign up page, and then enter the coupon code that corresponds to the level you can pay at for the class. Coupon codes are the capitalized codes below, and the price listed next to them is the payment option offered for that code. You will be asked to pay the full amount up-front, but I can offer you a payment plan - please email me to ask!

  • REIKISS1 — $120 | REIKISS2 - $135 | REIKISS3 - $150 | REIKISS4 - $165