“I don't know if I can put into words how powerful my sessions have been. I was able to hear things I needed to heal and carry on. Every session and class has been a mix of grounding and receiving necessary information from realms I haven't been able to tap into myself.

I appreciate that Liz comes from a very intentional healing space and always thanks ancestors and guides who help her.”


“The session was so supportive! I felt immediately seen and held and it was so easy to talk to Liz about everything and feel understood. The information from my guides gave clarity and helped me to understand what was going on with me better and to feel loved through it all. I loved Liz's open energy and how well she understood everything I was saying.

Liz has a gift for making others feel loved and seen and that is so much a part of the healing process. I appreciate her so much.”


“I came because I was totally at a loss about how to move through trauma and chronic health problems.

Both sessions I've had with Liz have literally changed my life. The first session offered the most loving and supportive guidance I've ever received. I felt held, validated, and reassured in ways I didn't know I needed. The session really helped me move through trauma and catalyzed some life choices that brought me a lot of healing and grounding. I revisit the session recording often and, many months later, it continues to be a source of comfort and direction for me.

And the second session gave me an understanding of my illness I’m pretty sure I never would have gotten otherwise. I am so deeply grateful to have answers after years of struggling with practitioners who didn’t believe me or couldn’t help. I’ve noticed myself shifting from feeling lost and abandoned to trusting there’s a path forward. I move through the world differently knowing support is always there for me, more than I would have dreamed before coming to see Liz. And Liz held my process with so much generosity and compassion. I don't even know what to say besides thank you thank you thank you.

I really appreciate that Liz is queer and centers anti-oppression in her work. Being able to trust her helps me trust what comes through in a session, rather than being on guard for microaggressions or worse.”


“Our session freed up energy around a person that I felt helpless about letting go of. It allowed me to let go in a way that was compassionate to both myself and this other person. I also felt more connected to and supported by my higher self/spirit guides. I felt much more at peace since our session.

I loved that Liz was able to figure out why I was feeling stuck with this person. I loved that Liz was able to channel my guide to tell me the lesson I needed to learn from my past. I felt whole again for the first time since my breakup.”


“Our session made me feel held and seen. It affirmed that I am not of this world in the ways that I feel it. I felt tender and broken open in the most lovely of ways.”


“I felt very supported after our session. I felt more balanced and less at war with myself walking out that day. I felt accepted in a way I had not been accepted before. I loved that you took time to hear me before we started and that we could be equally open to each other.”

— K.D.