I’m so excited to be co-facilitating 2 sessions at the NW Magic Conference this year! The conference is at the NW Forestry Center in Portland, OR, April 20-21. Registration is required to attend, visit their website for all the details!

Healing the Sexual Wound and Examining our Sexual Contracts (with me + Jeevan Singh)

Our collective sexual wound is burning right now. it’s not just what others have done to our bodies, but how WE relate to our bodies and sexuality This class is for those who are ready to return to their pleasure and sexual sovereignty, and who want to examine what unconscious contracts they have with themselves, their families, and our world that are blocking this connection. We will explore practices to consciously destroy these unhelpful contracts and re-write the ones we want in their place. We will learn ways to mindfully and safely re-connect to our bodies, simple practices for sexual healing and ways to mend the energetic breaks through stone and flower essences. 

Please bring a pen and paper with you to this class. We will not be going into stories of sexual trauma in this class, but will acknowledge that those stories are present for many of us. Please take care of yourself and any potential triggers in deciding whether or not to participate in this healing space.  

Joy in Sensation: Exploring and Softening Into Pleasure (with me+ Meghan Hawkins)

What if we reoriented ourselves and the systems we live in toward pleasure? Is pleasure a radical portal back to our intuition, back to one another, and back to the Earth? How do we access pleasure on our terms, and in doing so, soothe our nervous systems, ground ourselves, and take powerful actions that are rooted in deep connection to ourselves and others? What feelings and beliefs do we have about the concept of pleasure? What blocks us from it, and what are some simple practices we can do to reframe it and reclaim it as a fundamental gift of living?

Our time together will include guided meditation, self-reflection, pair and group sharing, flower essences and embodiment practices to help us understand what blocks us from the wisdom of our senses, and explore everyday tools to get back into relationship with pleasure and sensation.

Special considerations: We will be doing exercises that encourage participants to explore bodily sensation. These exercises will be very gentle. We will be be clear about when we are doing an embodiment practice and invite folks to participate or not. We encourage folks to take care of themselves and chose to participate in ways that feel right and safe for them.