I believe that we are all surrounded by support and healing at all times, and want to remind others of this truth. I work to connect my clients to their own spiritual guidance, power, and internal knowing -- resources that I believe live within each of us at all times.

Liz Long Intuitive Healer Psychic Reiki Master

I’ve been studying and practicing intuitive healing since 2014. My toolkit includes channeling spirit guide and earth energies, Reiki, working with plants, flower essences, gemstones, and more. With these tools, I seek to provide a sacred, safe and nurturing space for my clients that allows for deep reflection and moving through challenging and stuck spaces.

I seek to operate inside of an anti-oppression framework, and my work lovingly acknowledges that the systems that we live in impact each of our lives in profound ways every day.

My journey as a healer has been an expansive ride, one that continues to surprise and uplift me as it unfolds.  Before discovering intuitive work, I had been walking my own healing path for a decade-- working with talented therapists, recovery groups, healers, and individuals who helped me learn to truly see and love myself. I was healing from the effects of the family disease of alcoholism and from sexual trauma, which had left me feeling unworthy and unloveable. I learned how to speak up for myself and identify my real needs and wants, discovering so much hope, possibility and fullness in living my life.

While working with intuitive healers and beginning my study of Reiki, my world expanded as I became willing to consider the presence of unseen energies and I opened more deeply to the magic of the natural world. I felt a surge of love, support, and possibility that carried me into a new phase of life. I was so excited to be able to feel the energy move in another person’s body, and to receive information from others’ bodies in the form of images, colors, and intuitive feelings. I continue to be amazed as I receive detailed information from client’s spiritual guides, and am humbled to be a channel for spiritual wisdom that comes from a source outside of me.

I still feel excited every time I do a healing session with a client, and above all I feel incredibly grateful to be able to do this work and to stand in this vulnerable and beautiful space with others. My healing work is also informed by much of the work that I have done with others in recovery groups where I've learned how to hold space, listen deeply, and ask for guidance from a Source of Wisdom that is not my self, but lives in me (and all of us). I love getting to be part of others’ journeys.

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I am a graduate of Shayne Case’s Under The Eagle’s Wing Mentorship and Apprenticeship program, and study Reiki with Katalin Koda, a Portland-based Reiki master and healer.