My healing sessions incorporate spirit guide channeling, intuitive counseling, and reiki/energy work. Sessions are to connect you to your own innate sources of truth, wisdom and spiritual guidance; to help you remember your innate goodness, the pleasure of being in your body, and to support you in softening into your own healing. I seek to work within an anti-oppression framework that acknowledges the systems that we live in and their impact on our day-to-day lives. 

Each session incorporates a verbal check in with intuitive counseling, reiki and energy work, and spirit guide reading, which is recorded for you to listen to afterwards. Sessions also come with a customized flower / gem essence blend. All sessions are different, and are directed by the information I receive from your spiritual healing team! Please contact me with any questions about how I work.


I work on a sliding scale because it is very important to me that this work be accessible to all who need it. Please check in with yourself, your employment/income, expenses, family size, assets, privilege and ability when deciding where you fall on the scale.

The high end of the scale is the true cost of the appointment; rates below that are discounted. If you are gainfully employed and can easily afford your basic expenses and have income left over, then you’d pay on the high end of the scale. If you are able to meet basic needs but have little to no expendable income, then you’d pay in the middle or low end of the scale. If you are struggling to meet your basic needs and need to pay at a rate lower than what is listed here, please contact me and we will set something up.

  • new client / full session / 90 minutes / $105 - $150

  • return client session / 75 minutes / $90-125

  • Distance Session (phone) / 75 minutes / $90- $125

Questions? Need to set up a payment plan, or pay at a different rate offered in the sliding scale? Please:

contact me: