You deserve to be held


Hey. I love you.

I don’t know about y’all, but I am F E E L I N G this moon and can barely keep it together. So much feels overwhelming. In the personal sphere and the global sphere. Let this post serve as a reminder to you that YOU DESERVE TO BE HELD. We all do. We all have the right to be here, to take up space, and to ask for the love and comfort that we need. 

Maybe the way you need to be held today is by another person — can you ask for that? Or maybe the kind of love you need today is from Spirit, your guides, nature, or the god/goddess/s of your understanding. Their arms are open, they are waiting to hold you. 

Every time I work with spirit guides, they pretty much say the same thing. We are here to love and comfort you, all you have to do is ask. You can ring the doorbell in your heart, light a candle, say some words — whatever. It really doesn’t matter, you can just make the space in whatever way feels good for you. There are no magic words. Just ask, and we are there.

Today, I’m trying to make that space by reaching out to the people I love and telling them how I feel, asking for support. Taking deep breaths and letting myself take breaks, letting the cat crawl into my lap, letting myself cry. Asking to the universe that I feel love, comfort and peace. And I’m feeling a little better. 
Sending love and comfort to you all today. May we all know that we are worthy of love and healing.