MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD is working 1:1 with my clients. I love laughing with my clients, hearing the wild, insightful and truth-bombing things their spirit guides say, seeing the glory and beauty of my clients through their spirit guide’s unconditionally-loving eyes, and holding space for big and deep feelings. I love my work because every session that I’ve ever done is different. Sometimes most of a session is spent channeling big transmissions from a spirit guide; at times this is more of a conversation between me, my clients and their guides. Sometimes there’s less talking and more energy work and Reiki happening, allowing space for big shifts and a feeling of being held.

No matter what the session looks like, my intention is always the same: to be a vessel for the highest good and healing of the person I am working with in that exact moment. To open up to spirit and pass on the exact message, exact touch, suggestion, word or type of space that is going to be the catalyst for healing for my friend at that exact moment in time. So much of my work is learning the balance of stepping aside and letting the messages from spirit come through, and knowing when to add tidbits of my own experience and understanding. In the end, it feels like a collaborative piece of art between myself, my dear clients, and Spirit. 

I’m currently booking in NE Portland on Wednesdays and SE Portland on Saturdays, and am also available for DISTANCE SESSIONS! Come hang out to laugh, cry, and get grounded and feel like the you-est yourself you can be. Just scroll to the bottom of this page to click the "schedule" button, and please feel free to email me with any questions about how I work.