NEW MOON | Releasing with Gratitude

Meditation and intention for release on this new moon:


May I release anything from my heart that is ready to leave, especially if I’ve been hanging on to it out of fear that I won’t be able to receive it again in another form that is better suited for me. I release with great gratitude and reverence for the gifts and beauty I received from what is leaving. I release, knowing that I have absorbed all of the medicine I need from the person, event or experience and that I do not need to cling to any part. I ask for help from spirit in giving me the willingness to release what needs to leave, in taking what is ready to go, and for making space for something new.

My parents are moving out of my childhood home. The last couple of days have been spent going through boxes of memorabilia -- letters, notes. I notice that I’ve been hanging on, in my heart, to some old loves and experiences that are ready to no longer reside within me. Last night I was going through old letters from someone who I had a complicated but formative relationship with. I have often wondered how I would ever fully let that person go, and before I started going through my things I'd intended to just burn everything that they wrote to me. But as I was reading the letters, it was clear to me that I received such beauty and gifts from that person, in addition to all the pain that came from the relationship. As I named to myself the things I was grateful for receiving from this person, giving reverence to the relationship and how it shaped me, I felt it’s hold on my heart dissolving and space being created there. I feel so much lighter today. It’s funny how I’ve tried to force that person out of my heart for a long time, but really what I needed was to truly honor the gifts I received from them, AND the significance of that person to me. 

Something that this crazy-ass, intense Pisces season has taught me is that it doesn’t work for me to muscle my way out of my feelings. I’ve had a lot of feelings this month that I’ve felt super judgmental of, feelings I’ve wanted to banish. What I notice is really working for me is to honor each one, not by letting it pull me under and overtake me (which is always kind of a struggle for me), but by acknowledging that it is a piece of me that needs to be loved and seen. 

Sending you all love and wishes for easy release on this new moon.