New Feature -- Transmission ✷ Tuesday

👏🏼 SPECIAL 👏🏼 ANNOUNCEMENT 👏🏼 I’m launching a new feature on my social media called TRANSMISSION⚡️ TUESDAYS! Every Tuesday, I’ll bring you some channeled goodness from those gorgeous spirit guides that I’m hanging out with all the time, and offer some reflection and meditation/affirmations/interpretation.


I’m ✨so excited✨ to finally launch this idea that I’ve been kicking around for months! Keep an eye out for my regular Tuesday posts to get the spirit guide download! I'll be posting these to my social media accounts -- instagram and facebook -- and will also be adding content here on my blog, with some additional stuff that I don't feature on social media.

Do I have a direct line to spirit? Heck yeah, when I wanna pick up that spirit phone! Does this make me more spiritual or different from other people? Heck no! We are all connected to spirit/higher power/nature/life energy and anyone can strengthen that connection through a million different ways. Lots of folks learn how to open their channel to do the kind of communication that I do. I am an energetically sensitive person by nature but also actively study and practice channeling so I can do the work that I do!

I say this because while I love sharing what I hear, and am encouraged by the guides I talk with to do that, I don’t want to reinforce gross patriarchal ideas that suggest that you need a medium or a priest/“holy”person to access this info and connection. It belongs to each of us by birthright! My work is to listen for what people already know in some part of themselves and reflect it back to them. Psychic info has to ring the bell of resonance inside of us for it to feel valuable, so when we hear something that feels awesome and affirming it’s because a part of us already knew it. I hope you are able to glean something supportive from the transmissions I share with you all!