SURRENDERING WITH TRUST:: Transmission ✷ Tuesday

This was channeled by me during the full Moon in Scorpio. I asked the guides what needed to be know about release and surrender, and this is what they said:

Surrendering is giving beauty that you’ve received back into the earth. It is acknowledgment of what’s true. The life process that IS, the p u l l b a c k of death, the process of the earth, and then rebirth.

It’s ok if it’s hard to trust in that process. But know that when you artificially prolong the life of something — a relationship, an era of time, an event— whose time it is to die, you are like the Dr. Frankenstein, you are creating something that is going to take so much of your energy to uphold and sustain. Laboring for this thing that in its nature would like to die, would like to surrender, would like to REST.

When you finally allow release, you might feel sadder but you will feel lighter and the earth will feel grateful for what you give back, and then you might be surprised at what grows in its stead.

The new growth will be fortified, sustained, and it will bear fruit in a way that what you are releasing —the baby tree, the flower, the unrooted sprig—cannot. The thing that you are afraid of releasing is just a tiny taste of the bigness that is to come when you let it go.

What you are surrendering you are surrendering for a reason, because it did not meet you. And you are afraid of letting it go because it had those raw elements of what you truly desired and needed. Trust that the FULL manifestation of that desire is possible, and you have to do this release first.

You can trust that as you say to your love, the Earth, “I surrender this to you", what you are surrendering is the seed of an idea. And that the earth knows a seed when she sees it, and when the ground is fertile (which it is fertile), she will take it in and do her magic and her alchemy and that seed that you’ve released will become that which you truly desire and need.

________end transmission  ______

IF YOU WANT TO HEAR the full recording of this transmission (what I've written above is condensed) you can listen to it in right here! 

For the RELEASE RITUAL pictured here:

I gathered some beautiful flowers from my neighborhood and tied them together with string that I had cleared with palo santo. I went to my favorite spot in nature and cast a circle. To serve the purpose of honoring what I was releasing, I spoke to the bunch of flowers as if they were the gifts from the event that I was letting go of. I named each one out loud, stating elements of the beautiful thing I'm working on releasing, acknowledging the gifts I've received and giving gratitude for them. After that, I did the channel that's recapped above. Then, I cut the ties around the flowers and burned the ribbon. I scattered the flowers in the space around me. This ritual helped me to acknowledge some beautiful and important gifts I received and also to start the slow process of unwinding my attachment to them.