what does it actually mean to be in collaboration with our environment? //TRANSMISSION✶TUESDAY

Transmission Tuesday is a weekly feature in which i ask spirit guides  energies that I work with what people reading need to hear for healing our collective ❤️here is what i heard this week for our collective:::



early humans grew and traveled,
in those travels you made and became, used your arms to climb trees, to make tools, and fashion things out of the earth.
your hands made love, made art, made structures from the clay that you sought to live inside of.
and the early hominids walked with their families, arm in arm, on the earth. not so different from others animals.
and you continued walking, and spread like curious creatures do, crossing land bridges, over time became creatures with less hair, more heart, knowing how to survive the winter, hardened by seasons and families and conflict, changed and grew. walked into different parts of the earth
evolved different things, ability to work with the earth, ability to work with animals. ability to tame them. 

that point in your human evolution of taming animals, it is significant. there is a thing that happens with power, when you take it over something or someone. what it makes you believe about yourself. when you tamed the horse, you, instead of seeing yourself as just different, began to see yourself as master. 

and that shift was a crucial shift because, as humans began to see themselves as masters of horses and masters of animals and masters of this land, you saw yourselves as gods. and this is actually what took away from your godliness.

and men saw themselves as not only taming the animals, but women, too. and what became of that was a false belief that said “if i can tame this being, if i can use my intelligence, my will, my force, to make this animal, this horse, this person, do what i want, then i am superior to them. they are subservient to me”. 

even though horses have never truly been subservient. they have always known if they have been enslaved, like all beings do.

just because you have the intelligence and ability to do something, that does not indicate your superiority. it is actually your responsibility to utilize your ability for compassion and discernment in managing that intelligence.

to say, 'i can see that in my intelligence and physical strength i have the ability to control others'. and instead of letting that ability cause you to believe in your own superiority without question, let it instead ask you to be careful and to be cautious. 

and to consider to yourself:  ‘an elephant could trample me because it is larger, but the elephant does not believe that because they can trample others that they are superior to them’. in fact, elephants do not believe this at all, they do feel their own beauty and power but do not care about having power over anything else, they do not care about dominion, they only care about existence.

we will tell you that your human brain, just like the monkey’s brain, is cunning and complex and loves solving the hardest problems and the most difficult of riddles. you have a tenacity of smarts that wants to grab and not let go.

so the question to you, is how do you use this intelligence now? how do you observe it and choose what to do with it? do you decide to use it in solving mathematical equations to travel to other planets? do you use it to control other people and your environment around you?

many of you, and your group as a whole, have chosen the latter. your ability to direct and control has given you a god complex of sorts. a false understanding about yourself, and about what it means to be intelligent. 

your intelligence is as much of a curse as it is a blessing. your intelligence, and the beliefs that you have developed around that that say “i am intelligent therefore i am a master,” will be your absolute downfall if you do not become humble immediately.

because when you view the world as your bitch, when you view the world as an entity that owes you something, that is only here to provide FOR YOU, for your enjoyment and for your survival -- not because you are equals and co-creators and you depend on each other — but because you think you are masters and she is your domain —

the earth will not work with you. just as other peoples will not work with you in this way. some think that force is the way to get things done. but all beings understand the nuance of force, no matter if they are horses or humans, and they will never cooperate. even after they have been coerced into something that resembles submission. all beings that are enslaved will always know and never forget of their enslavement.  

this dynamic of the master and those under the master’s rule — this is a belief that you all — every single one of you-- has to undo. because to varying degrees your societies are based on ideas of domination vs ideas of collaboration.

what does it actually mean to be in collaboration with your environment? even the ways that animals hunt each other is usually not out of balance. there is struggle and there is sadness in that act, but do you think that the leopard considers the antelope to be its property? no. the leopard sees the antelope with respect, and uses all of its speed and its cunning to — maybe — catch a meal. and it knows that that antelope can escape. there is respect there, inside of this relationship of predator and prey. there is that difference.

this whale that is carrying her calf. she is talking to you. she is telling you not only of her sorrow and rage — do not mistake this for anything other than rage — and she is also telling you that this is going to be you, too.

your collective story is that in living this world that serves mostly you, you are going to continued to be served. you see this whale, and how such a variety of subtle of factors have created this situation.  too much noise in the ocean, too much traffic, so fish cannot spawn, so baby whales cannot be born. this world is so subtle and you are not immune to those subtleties.

this is a cry to help. for you to help yourself, to start listening more deeply. do not think of this as just a whale’s baby, this is your baby, too. you need to be connected to trees, plants, animals. do not believe in your domination. use your intelligence to understand the responsibility that comes with it.  understand your power and have humility inside of that power. that is the only way. you can remember your nature.