breathe and surrender to your destiny, which is to heal, always ::: TRANSMISSION✶TUESDAY

grow rooted, begin where you are

let your breath be a love song to what brought you here.

let your roots, as they extend into the earth, be a reverence for all of the molecules that made you and the experiences that formed you.


as you root down into the earth, let all of you exist.

and as you unfurl, as you let yourself uncurl from the tension of protecting, you allow your system of roots which are a mirror of exactly where you’ve been in your life to hook into the earth, and you unlock your experiences.

when you hold the seeds of shame and secrets inside of your body, you cannot let them fulfill their destinies, which is to root into the ground and to find their source, to heal from that place.

breathe and let your beauty find resonance and recognition in the earth below. 

let your shame or sadness be seen by the ground and grow towards your inevitable wholeness. your roots spread into the soil, each tendril a seeker of nourishment, each belief, experience, each love, each heartache seeks being and resolution here. 

the earth is ready to hold you, the earth is ready to grow you, to filter and process all of what you’re holding, to squeeze with pressure on all sides, to push up into the physical waking world what needs to be seen, born and healed.

when you take a deep breath. and you allow all of it — the contradictions, your joys, your shame  — to exist, you allow the earth to see, to receive and to sing back to you. you give permission to the sprout of each breath that you release to surrender to its destiny, which is to heal, always.

you start with a love song to yourself, to everyone and everywhere that you have been, and let yourself grown from here.

don’t try to change your experience and your past. the only way forward is by letting it go into the ground and moving forward from there, exactly where you are. the reverence for your resilience, for your willingness, for the love that you have in your heart for yourself and for the world. that you are willing to do this work of being, of accepting, of existing, of growing, of trying. here you are, you are loved. you are seen. you are received and exalted. let go and let yourself grow.

your fruits gained from this work will be a beckoning, a mirror, to everyone who wants to do the same. no growth is selfish. no true introspection that causes a change and the bearing of fruit is wasted. you are always showing yourself to the world. and if you are willing to teach, to extend your hand in this dance, this invitation that your fruit and your flowers will inevitably bear, it is enough.

and you know that flowers cross-pollenate. so even if you are just being in the existence of your lessons, the culmination of what you have learned. the flowers open and the breeze picks up, the wind will take the seeds of your lessons and touch on the ears, eyes, breasts, chest, the receptors of somebody else who needs to hear what you have learned. this process is important and vital. and even as you feel that there is no time, you must make time for it. no growth is selfish.