a love note from cedar ::: TRANSMISSION TUESDAY


Feel these fronds falling over your skin and the feet, brushing you down with love and comfort. We want for you to give it to us – your troubles. we see what you carry. The weight on your shoulders and back, with compassion, we can feel it too. how you carry it and how you feel like a mule or an ox, saying "i can’t let it go, i can’t give one inch or one ounce — it is my burden."

we say that it is everyone’s burden. you think that just because you created this problem that we will not collaborate with you to solve it? no. you need us. you need our perspective and guidance because you are lost in the near-sightedness of the brief timeline of your lives and your perspective. 

nature — these trees, this soil — we have a different pace. its not the manufactured synthesis of car horns and concrete, but something truer. let yourself breathe it in. take a moment away from your nerves being a bundle of vigilance. not that this is fake or wrong, but there are other realities to consider and to dwell in. and you need our medicine. on your toes and the small arches of your feet, on your hands and the crown of your head. let me touch you here. this is not hyperbolic. sit with me. let me tell you a story:

a long time ago, there were no people here. we were birds and animals, forest and worms. we remember. just like you, the seeds passed on from our forebears contain all the memories of those times. we remember. the earth without you. and we know the earth with you. we don’t wish you gone or think you are a terrible scourge. we only wish for you to accept our love and in doing so to awaken to what it can be like to actually be here.

let each tiny growth and frond of my bough touch your sorrow and disconnection. let us pull you back down into this earth body. breathe in this pungent smell in your nose and know that it is here for you.

when you breathe in with me, you will find that a different kind of wisdom takes root inside of your body, a new perspective. a perspective that you need.

what is your urgency? can you still take clear and decisive action from a place of calm? yes. you can. you can let yourself be helped and loved through it.

when you do

let these boughs penetrate your physical barriers, reach into your shoulders and down your back, you’ll see that we will pull out that noise to leave you with a kernel of what’s true. and that will reach down to the earth, planted, in a seed, watered, nourished. let us help you. filter it from you. hold you. we are here.