let this message fall on your ears

like soft little petals tickling you

dancing in the sun and wind

twinkling in the light, fierce clusters of power and bitterness and pleasure


let this message of ease and love and support

tickle the insides of your brain

let these sunlit kisses

open your eyes and head and heart

strong herbal odor that beckons and demands:


wake up!

there is deep magic in the life all around you

each of us plants contains abundant mystery

tight and loaded up inside of our buds

waiting to burst forth.


look deep

and then look deeper

and then look deeper again.

that’s right, into the very heart of you. the very heart of your stuff, your spirit magic core. 



with power, we, too live in this place.


the world is alive

the world and all of the spirits of every plant and rock of the world are all talking to each other 

creating a current, a web

weaving, holding this together.

press your crown to us 

and listen.

yes we are here to help but also here to let the magic burst forth

what is deep inside of you is also deep inside of us

you call things mundane but there is nothing mundane about the world

even the flowers that grow by the side of the road are filled with infinities 

and if you listened fully to all of their wisdom you would have no more questions about the world, you would understand everything.

our power and spirits are deep

we exist alongside of and among you as equals to you in spirit

rejoice! this world is not as boring as you think it is. if you feel trapped in the routine — 

witness us

and listen

we have so much to say

like a parent you’re annoyed with but then you realize the depth of their wisdom and experience

you may roll your eyes when we tell you that magic

— as in the depths, as in the great mystery, The Thing You Desire Most and You Cannot Speak, What you Want to Know— 

is right here. at your fingertips. whispering. present. waiting for you. not longing for you, but waiting. patiently. listen now. shut up and listen ❤️ 

<<said the aster, lovingly and playfully>>