transformation = death = surrender :::

Let’s talk about death. Transformation.  you want to shed some layers and you aren’t quite sure how to do it. You see the snake and how it lets go, pushing off all that skin, transformed, renewed. this process is called following biology, this process is called surrender. 

Even in asking “what must I do to transform”, you are asking as though you have something to orchestrate. But you don’t. Transformation is not a process that you get to control. You push the button that says “I am willing to surrender to becoming that which is encoded inside of me" and then you let yourself be pulled into the shape it is now time to become. 

You don’t get to direct this process. Yes, your will and your desires are important to use and to recognize, and are indications of where your soul and spirit need and want to grow. You can write all of these wishes onto the cosmic order form, but at the end of the day you are not the one who is pulling the strings. You can’t ask for transformation and then try to manage it your self.

This process is inherently rooted in the energy of death. and death is the energy of ultimate surrender.

You say “spirit. God. Gods. I am ready." You can lay your body down for the buzzards to eat, for the earth to take in compost, trusting that these workers – the ones that we associate with the shadows, the ones who scare us-- have a job to do. That job is to collaborate with you in your transformation.

You are here on this earth to learn about surrender. All other lessons are contained inside of this. Surrendering to your true nature. Surrendering to your transformation. The process is messy. Saying "I am going to allow that which is inside of me - that which constructs the fabric of my soul - to be manifested here". And knowing that inside of the surrender there is an inherent a lack of control.   

What is required and asked of you is your willingness to be made. your willingness to be the truth of who you are.