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we tell ourselves: “you have 360° of permission to be exactly as you are.” we swaddle ourselves with loving blankets, give ourselves wide perimeters, and adorn ourselves with eyeglasses of complete love and willingness to accept the expression of our truest natures, exactly as a parent would do to the littlest child.

we listen to and observe ourselves without judgment, objectively. Knowing that We Can Only Ever Begin From Exactly Where We Are, knowing that the only platform for moving forward is true honesty with ourselves, true willingness to see us and our feelings exactly as we are in this moment.

we build and cultivate compassion for ourselves. why are we X, Y, and Z? We look at the world that shaped us. The families that shaped us, structures, systems, our experiences that shaped us. we hold all of that in compassion and acceptance, knowing that it is always OK for us to extend compassion to ourselves. that this is always a starting point and is never wrong.

within that, we affirm our own innate goodness. no matter who we are. we look to nature, the land, the trees, the infinite — these beings who only care to hear from us “I am ready to be held by you”. and we do our best to accept their unconditional love and acceptance, even though it is hard and terrifying and so energetically different from what we are used to receiving. every day, we work to accept that unconditional love can be and is true.

we can trust when we rest into the arms of this love that the healing of all beings is interconnected. when any of us is engaged in behavior that harms others, we are harming ourselves, too. infinite wisdom / nature / goddess / spirit / source knows this. and holds healing for all as the trajectory of our growth.