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Channeled on the new moon in Taurus. The energies I communicated with during this channel are a network of decomposers inside of the earth. Here are their words:

embrace the processs of death as well as life. when you cry, when you bleed, when you emit from your body. your most putrid stuff is the most nourishing for us. give it to us. we have a whole system to take care of it. literally, metaphorically.

give us your anger, give us your tears, give us your surrender. lay on the ground. give up. give it up. throw a temper tantrum into the earth, kick and scream. put all of that energy right here. you’re not letting go enough. you’re keeping it in and your body turns it into burden that you bear physically. you’re meant to release and renew release and renew release and renew.

roll in the mud. cry, laugh. BE LOUDER. BE ANIMALS. let us love and collect you, let us join you, let yourself join us.

when you do. when you bang on the earth, when you feel for the purpose of moving through and release, we will meet you.

we are hungry.

we’re not hungry for your unconscious expression of pain when it shows up as REPRESSION, POLLUTION AND DISCONNECT.

we are hungry for your nakedness. we are hungry for your little deaths. you give to us by laying on the earth, calling on your fears by name and feeling them as you lay on us, letting the vibration of the being you live on who is also living ABSORB them. there is no such thing as a living system that doesn’t need waste.

when you release to us, you move through. you will be renewed like you just made love with the earth because this is what you have done. we get what we need to, too. this. is. an. energy. exchange.

it’s beyond a language that you may understand. it’s not about making you death; it’s about connection. we are one organism with many parts. we are all one organism so act like it.
give us your dead skin, your fingernails your blood, your hair, your shit. your out breath, your trembling. breathe out with release intention, your hate, anger, fear, your pent up everything. we will take it for you. we are hungry for it.