TRANSMISSION TUESDAY:: the world needs your song

Opening up to the middle, outside of binaries there is truth. Outside of trying to force ourselves to fit into either this or that box. Outside of constructs and preconceived notions that are contained in labels, there is the middle path.

Which is freedom.

Which is the sun shining beyond what we’ve known; which is illuminated by the light of truth generated from our hearts. Flashlight, wayfinder. You may see that sometimes what started as a light of truth that emanated from us gets lost or muddled, you may start looking for that light in labels and boxes. Never forget that first, you are the light. that first it emanated from you. your soul has a precious truth.


Sometimes, when you speak that truth out into the world it will be in a language that nobody has ever heard before. And the sounds you sing, as they reverberate over the hills of consciousness, will call to and awaken sleeping parts, the dormant ones, ones who have heard the song within themselves and have been waiting for it to be echoed, not knowing if the sound was a real, or imagined. They were alone, lonely. When you muster the courage to birth this brave new language, this new key

symphonies that have been dormant in the earth will sigh and sing with relief. And in their relief is exultation, outbreath, your lone notes met with harmonies, horns, drums, orchestras and entire movements of sound, arrangements chord progressions key changes – arise from their buried places inside the ground. Hills crumble as consonance arises from the earth, shaking off the dirt of sleep and dormancy, vibrating with ecstasy, fulfillment of everything, to join your voice. They arise from that hillside to the north and they are a gospel choir singing with you. mountains moving to you, your voice echoed thousand-fold, amplified, rounding out the rusticness of your tentative sounds with richness, perspective, with a kind of being met and heard and seen and expanded on, genius and artistry, more than you could have imagined.

You sing, the music plays. The music emanates because it has no choice but to exist in its experience of fullness, Cacophony harmony symphony ecstasy. This sound. This sound is freedom. This sound is community. This sound is love. And it lifts you, it lifts everyone. It pulls you forward into a new paradigm into colors and sounds that have never been seen or even imagined before. Together.

We will not claim. I will not claim. That it is always safe to sing, I will not claim that it will always be heard. There are geniuses who were never heard in their time, people of the world over, time over, who have been and are killed for who they are, what they said, what they wear. I will not tell you that it is always worth the risk because that is up to you and i will not lie to or decide for you.

What I will tell you is that though the geniuses may not have been understood, what they did and said was essential. The least understood among them were the most important. They were priming humanity for a sound so different that there were not yet ears that could pick up on the frequency.  But ears developed and eyes adjusted to the new colors, and people could see, and wept in gratitude at the beauty and the vision.

What I will tell you, is that you are here because this place – this world – needs you. Wants you. In the truth of your song that emerges from the deepest depths of your heart, the exact way that lights emanates and refracts from the complex, singular and genius matrix of atoms and energy and consciousness is your soul, your signature is wanted and needed.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 9.57.11 PM.png

However you can, find a way to sing. Even if you only sing your song to yourself, to the water in your body. Even if you need to keep it hidden in a box for now, sing it to yourself. Someday, someday. You can. You will. You may be. Able to open up that precious note to someone — someones, a place, a mountain, a body of water — who will know how to sing along. We will always yearn for this for you. We know your song, we are singing it to you and with you. To remind you. Louder and louder and louder, we want you to return here. Louder and louder and louder. Let it build let the voices and the instruments join you. sing, sing, sing. The truth of who you are. Sing.