find those with whom you can share your most tender heart: TRANSMISSION✶TUESDAY

don’t forget what it feels like to feel good,

don’t forget what it feels like to sing in your body, in your heart --

to play the fiddle that is you.

take a breath.

feel how your heart your belly, your brain, your sex, your vocal chords, your arms, your limbs --

are an instrument, a symphony together, vibrating and humming.

feel how when you make love with someone, you are making music.

feel how when you dance with another person, you are creating a symphony.

feel what happens when you stand next to someone and you hold their hand. when you stand next to someone, chanting or singing, feel what is created.

when your hearts become a chorus , tuned together, two instruments, three instruments, making music in your connection.

do not forget that these connections, these heart connections, are the bedrock of strength.

these connections are the pliable, strong spider’s web that underlay everything.

and as you go and you climb and you struggle to change and to make this world better, and to be heard, as you sound out your voice, you will become depleted, misdirected if you do this work without the richness of community.

let the ground swell and quake with your love for each other.

let your heartbeats resonate.

let yourselves be held.

let yourself gather your strength here, in the arms of those you love. in moments of vulnerability, physical and emotional. 

let yourself gather strength when you lay next to one another. know that as you lay in confidence and as you whisper plans in the night, that this conspiring is in the fabric of healing that you bring into the world. do not devalue your pillow talk and the sweetness of your one-on-one relationships.

as you let yourself be seen, as you find safety, vulnerability, and openness — through sexual connection, and through intimacy in friendship that allows for that kind of nakedness and being held — 

find safe people, be a safe person. undress the baggage, undress what it is that is overlaying you with armor. find those people with whom you can share your most tender heart. find those people who you can say “i fear greatly.”  be as honest as you can. with yourself, and in the company of another person.

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because as you are in company and as you share your vulnerability with one another, your tenderness reverberates. 

you think that this world needs a fight, but what you need is to learn how to be soft.

and it does not mean that you do not exclaim to the world with your loudest voice what you know to be true.  but it is that those tender moments are precious, they are small but big. and they echo. your tenderness creates tenderness creates tenderness creates tenderness. 

and so when you come together with your embrace with your groups, your friends, your organizing, let yourself cry. let yourself feel what is there. in addition to everything else, find the people that you can be the most tender, the most naked with, and cherish those relationships. nurture them so that they grow in strength and in number. 

because the more people who can be tender with more people, the less armor that you have to wear as a whole. the more you will be able to hold, to sustain, to generate, to love, to have your hearts beat together. 

find the people you can be tender with, find the people who can hold you, and hold them. hold them, and be held there.