digest. let it become part of you. give yourself space to let it land and integrate, and to move through your body.

otherwise — it’s just information, a fact that stays in your head. it does you more good to let it digest, to let your body break it down and receive it. so you can do different / be different / be integrated.

meditate. take time away from your screen. journal. put attention to feeling it in a different way. let yourself incorporate instead of constantly taking in.

what would happen if we ate all the time without breaks? we wouldn’t receive any nutrients. we wouldn’t be able to process any food because our systems would be totally overloaded. but that is how sometimes we take in information when we get glued to our screens.

if we really want to HONOR that information we are taking in, we need to give it time to work its way through.

this is not a practice of bypass or avoidance. you have to give yourself time to do this as an integral step toward your action, be it relational, political. so you can do your work from the place that is centered, grounded, that is YOU. whatever your feelings are, there they are. the way forward is through those. always. even if they are ugly or uncomfortable. and if you don’t give yourself space away from the intake of information, you aren’t going to be able to discover them.

rest. digest. let yourself take in the information. notice what comes up. let yourself be uncomfortable, changed, held. give yourself space to integrate. this is an important part of any work that you do in this world. digest.


may you be able to take space in your day, even if it is just a few minutes, to digest. it also feels very important to note that being able to take breaks to digest before taking action is a privilege that some folks do not have, so please keep this in mind with this message ❤️ 


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