truth does not need our confirmation or approval; it just is / surrender part 2:

All humans are inclined towards healing. As in, when we request it, the process begins to unravel the things that do not align, like water flowing down to the lowest point. It is force, like gravity. An energy that we invite with flipping the switch of willingness.

So. How do we surrender? Allowing ourselves, contradictions, constructions, identities, beliefs, stories, to be undone. We say:

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 11.22.53 PM.png

"Anything that is true will be there and will remain without my needing to hold it". Anything that we need to hold – any story, any identity, any dogma, and belief — can still be true without our needing to energetically hold it. Without our energy being tied up and holding it, without our clinging to it.

Because truth does not need our approval or confirmation. It just is.

Surrender is a constant practice, one that maybe we can understand by looking at a waterfall. Every second of it is surrendering, every second the water is letting go and falling down to the earth underneath. Not holding. Not containing. in a constant process of allowing.

To practice allowing, we practice finding the spaces inside of ourselves that are holding, like dams holding water or shapes. And we say "do I need this? Is this an obstruction?" And we breathe. And experiment with what will happen when we allow the forces of that water to do what is in its nature to do, which is to break through the dam. To flow forth, to carve a new path, to flow to the lowest point.
this is part 2 of a series on surrender that I channelled from earth energies in December. Part one is on my feed! post from 12/4. Transmission Tuesday is a weekly feature in which I channel loving messages from spirit guides and earth energies, and share with you all!