the sound of your breath is calling you home

your breath is patterning the song of your soul, calling you back into yourself. ⠀

did you know that this sound is like a fingerprint, unique only to you? each breath lovingly tracing the hairs inside your nose, the pathways inside of your lungs, the width of your throat, the shape of your nostrils. an exact sound that only the instrument of your body can make.

listen to the softness, sharpness of your inhale, exhale. each microsecond of your breath knows you, a song that you’ve sung billions of times.

homing beacon, bird call, it will welcome you back into yourself.

if you feel lost,
unable to find yourself in the forest of your mind and thoughts,
listen slowly, intentionally, to the sound of your own breath.
this sound was put there, inside of you, by the gods themselves as a reminder, a shortcut.

a precious compass
inviting you to make love with the minutia of your own airways
and remember who you are.