learning reiki can be a gateway into your energetic sensitivity

when I started my foray into the world of magic and energy work, reiki was the doorway. i learned it on a whim from my partner at the time’s father, not having any idea what it would lead to. not thinking that it would lead to anything, really. 

what happened when i learned reiki was that a switch was flipped. energy healing, crystals, psychics, and earth magic were all things that it was cool for other people to believe in, but i secretly judged them. learning reiki showed me that these things were real. that energy was real, and that i could feel it.

I’ll never forget the experience after I took my first reiki class of hugging the other person I learned with, giving reiki to each other, and feeling the energy moving back and forth between us. I was in thrill, awe and gratitude that i was feeling energy that way, which continued to unfold in the weeks following as i realized i was sensitive to so much of the world around me. it was like i had found new, energetic fingertips.

learning reiki is an initiation and an invitation. an initiation into the world of unseen sensitivity, and an invitation to feel yourself and your own energy in a deeper way.

My learning reiki was a part of a huge psychic and spiritual awakening. (which also coincided with the beginning of my work with my teacher, Shayne Case). I continue to love and to teach reiki because it is the foundation of all my work, a powerful, beautiful entry point into healing, into our energy bodies, and into the unseen. i LOVE gently leading folks deeper into their own sensitivities with this tool.

Join me for Reiki Level 1 workshop on Saturday, June 8th in SE Portland! Cost is $180 with sliding scale and payment plan options, and all the details are on my website, link in my bio. Come play! Come learn! Come heal! All class details and sign up info are here.