your mind needs a vision like your belly needs food

you’re right — you can only move from your enough-ness, and your enough-ness in this moment is what will make your enough-ness for tomorrow.

so work, when you are ready and also when you are not, because it is how you know you are alive - yes, keeping pace with the world. work — what does that mean?

the driving towards something that you cannot see or reach. try to reach it. strive. set your sights on what calls you most deeply and brightly and use it. your intuition, your V👁S👁ON. you must USE it to envision the world you are creating.

it is important to have something to reach to.

the dexterity of the human mind is activated by striving towards, achieving the goal. experiencing the way the elements of the physical world, the stars and atoms, elements of will and magic, and all of the seen and unseen forces combine to build the stairway to get there. the miracle of how it materializes beneath your feet, creating the reality that you walk forward to. ⠀

VISION and this process is what the human mind thrives on. eats. wants to ingest and digest and work all of its creative, thread-like muscles to weave with tender light the path forward to the other end. ⠀

you are made to walk the steps, the god-parts of you, watching matter be created underneath your feet.⠀

give your mind the food it is made to take in, give your mind the supper it craves. have your vision with intent and purpose. if you do not do it on purpose, your mind will set itself to creating the half-baked visions carried out in the smaller and fearful parts of your brain, such is your appetite.

so use your vision with all of your intention and purpose. yes. your thoughts create, so use your imagination to create the world that you know is possible.

and when it is scary, when it is hard, keep breathing, keep trying. move with your enough-ness and know that the recognition of:

>>>>lessons that you recognize you need to learn but have not yet mastered <<<<<

the part of you that sees that you need to learn

and is speaking to you from your enough-ness.
do not take these recognitions as

evidence that you don’t have it and never can —

rather, recognize that they are coming from wisdom. <not the fears and dark whispers, but the honest parts that your ego may try to protect you from, that voice that sees your growth edge + trajectory and urges you on>

the wise part of you that sees where you need to grow— dear child this is part of your vision.
so use it. breathe it in . breathe in the thing that you want to know how to do, how to heal the violence inside of you, how to create that which you have seen in your vision and want to make material.

acknowledge that there is something you want, that you need help, and envision with all your VISION what this healing looks like. what you look like on the other end.

let the genius of your enough-ness and your desire be in community with those who have already learned with brilliance and humility guide you — walk towards that. take the steps. let them materialize underneath your feet. be amazed that they do. prove it to yourself. you will see, and be seen. listen to the voice that is calling you into growth.