trust in the goodness of the seed that is you

listen. all trees spring from a seed, yes?

and that tree is always, always in the place of nourishing, supporting and honoring what it is to unfold, all of its resources going to letting the seed be exactly what it is.

this is the utmost act of self-love, the way that the tree grows.

you, too can say to yourself: little one inside of my belly, i tend to you. and i trust that inside of the genetic code that you are, the tree that you are, you will unfurl, wide and big branches in the sky.

deep green leaves - the lungs of the earth. inside of their being, just by their being, they help others to breathe. filtering the waste of the air.

and sure, yes, there are still car horns and pollution, and the tree stands tall, filtering all of the air.

not because it has decided to do something, but because it has said ‘i am committed to my becoming’.

and this is absolutely and act of self love that absolutely serves the world.

a tree doesn’t decide it’s going to make a change. but by its being in its fullness, which comes from its seed of love, it is able to provide clean air and shelter, home for many animals. just by its being.

and so, too, your mind has been confused. it has said ‘i must DO in order to be the tree, in order to be the shade and the shelter from the storm, the refuge. i must draw out the plans, i must orchestrate my whole life.'

and that is okay, but this is not The Way. your wholeness is not orchestrated by your doing, but surrendered to by your being.

and inside of this idea of being is the seed of absolute trust.

because when you water and cultivate and nourish yourself, you are doing this in an act of trust that what is growing and unfurling out of you, your seed, is Good.

i channelled this for a client last weekend and really wanted to share it with y’all. so it is here with my client’s permission, and waves of love and trust in your becoming going out to each of you. part 2 next week <3